Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Court vs Cafe Good Luck

These are some of the random thoughts that crossed my mind while I was traveling in a bus today; thought they can become good blog material :)

Garden Court, the restaurant located in quiet locality of Pune that we all have been to, sometime or the other. A place that offers very spacious seating and wonderful ambiance. People don't need to and don't want to share tables and they won't bother thinking who is sitting on the table next to you. Waiters are all well-dressed and exhibit certain mannerisms. Clean tables and plates make you feel like a "polished article". A poolside table in a candle light sets up a warm dinner and makes the place look luxuriuos. Well, rates are on a bit higher side. But Garden Court has its own class of visitors; the visitors who can afford a dinner over there.

Good Luck, on the other hand is situated in one of busiest streets in Pune but the buzz around makes the place lively. Waiters are in uniforms but not as tidy as Garden Court. The tables and plates sometimes might not be as clean and you never go there for enjoying the ambiance. There isn't one. Sometimes during peak hours you need to share a table with someone else; but you don't mind that. Rates are in affordable range that can allow people from each and every strata of the society to come and enjoy the food. And yes, it has its own culture; the 'since 1939' line written on tea cups does emphasize that.

Among all these factors, there is something that I haven't written about yet - the taste of food. The taste, essentially the essence and soul of a dinner; that is what you visit a restaurant primarily for. That's one thing in which former can't beat the latter. The taste which has helped to form a huge following for Cafe Good Luck. The taste to which most of the youth in city gets attracted and never even bother to see if it presents any ambiance and luxurious treatment.

Good Luck, a place that's close to my heart and when given a choice I will always go for it and not the earlier flashy place. May be I will fail to convince my viewpoint to many other people that belong to the class of Garden Court frequent visitors.

Well, my intention here is not to write a review of these two restaurants. Now re-read the blog by imagining the country I am in currently as Garden Court and India as Good Luck and that will express exactly what I have been feeling since coming here. Since I came here many people have asked me this question - how do you find the new place? .. And here was the answer.


  1. good luck madhye veg sathi faar kami options astat, but still I like being there, why .. because, I go there with my people and its a place near my home :-)

    That's my Ans. :-)
    - Ashutosh

  2. hmm. changla lihilays.. I like both.. :)

  3. ya can understand ..agree completely...

  4. Hmmmm ..... Well I havent been to the metaphorical "Garden Court" yet ... but have been to some local "Garden Courts" here .... (Mysore,BBSR :).. Well I know wht u r talking abt.... Chaangala lihila aahes Manku .....