Thursday, April 9, 2009

My first international flight

This was my first international flight - two British Airways flights from Mumbai to London to Houston. Kind of different experience I would say. On Mumbai airport we had Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapur with us during security checks. While we waited in long never ending queues; they had this privilege of bypassing all the waiting and go straight in after minimal checks. Anyways, once I entered the flight what I saw were very spacious and well compartmentalized seats. For a moment I was delighted to see that but next minute we were guided towards economy class from the first class (as they call it) where we were standing. Economy class offers nothing but very congested seats. Barring the fact that you get free food (which wasn't great either) and screen in front of every screen, non to mention some kind air-hostesses; the comfort level was nothing better than Volvos we have in India.

First flight started at 3.40 after one hour delay; I spent most of it in sleeping. It landed me at Heathrow airport, London. Unlike Mumbai airport, one at London is absolutely amazing. I loved it - huge, ultra clean, directions everywhere; bit stringent though.

Second flight took me to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston. It was somewhat like Heathrow. As I stepped out, two seniors were waiting for me. During our drive to the place I am staying right now, they got to know from me that I didn't go to USC even after getting an admit from them, they really cursed me for a bad decision of turning my back to USC and choosing UH over it. According to what they told me, I should try to get a transfer to a better place after completing first sem. Well .. I have no such plans as of now.

During my time in flights, I had mixed feelings. I was feeling low as I was leaving behind the people, things and places I loved most and was somewhat excited to be in new place. But certainly the former feeling was stronger. You only realize the value of relationships, bonds that gets developed over the long years when you are going away from them. And it was my turn of realization.

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